More than 3 million cancers of themelanoma-free skin and 150,000 melanoma-related skin cancersdiagnosed each year. One in three cancers diagnosed is skin cancer.At current rates, a CCanadian woman in 73 will have melanoma in her lifetime, while one in 59 Canadians will have the disease (most recent statistic, 2018).

The vast majority of melanomas are caused by the sun. In fact, a British study found that around 86% of melanomas can be attributed to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

My story may be yours too. For me, it made me realize the great lack of resources and knowledge in the face of this disease and how to adequately protect myself.sun. It is thanks to what I went through that I decided to help the people around me and the population by developing a range of UV protection beachwear certified and recognized by the highest global protection standards. solar, that is to cover 98% of UVA and UVB rays. KRABĒO was born from this desire and is made entirely in Quebec with love.

So, when I see my clothes worn by children and people everywhere, I have a light heart thinking that I have been able to help reduce this preventable cancer that is increasing every year.

This is my story.

In November 2021 I was told, for the second time, that I had cancer. We are not used to this kind of announcement. Another bomb had just exploded in my life and that of my husband. This was followed by a series of tests at the hospital, from late November to the holiday season, trying to understand a possible recurrence years laterd… 

16 years ago, I had a mole on my back that stung me like a mosquito bite and I thought it was weird. It was the time of tanning salons that we went to several times a week and to make my complexion painted with milk a little tanned. I needed sessions to look 'healthy'! I had a membership at the local tanning salon until the time before I moved in, I talked about my moleé to the owner who clearly advised me to go see a doctor, which I did a few weeks later. I was 24 when it first happened. Honestly, since then, after all these years of thinking the cancer removed, I felt over it until a lymph node surfaced last September. It was on noticing a small bump in the right groin that several doctors thought harmless, even inflammatory, which made me react. It's quite a shock. I had to persist with the health system to go further and do more tests. I felt it was not benign. When there is a feeling that something is wrong, well it is wrong, and indeed it was wrong. They discovered after an ultrasound that there was melanoma. 

I hesitated to share what I just experienced, even to tell my own children, but it is important to share life experiences, good or bad, which can help others later.


Marie-Eve Richard





September 30, 2022 — Eva Richard

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