Our swimsuits are made of fabrics from fishing nets found at the bottom of the ocean, waste that constitutes nearly 10% of all marine pollution. They are true death traps for marine life, killing approximately 136,000 animals each year.

ECONYL fabric comes to us thanks to a forward-thinking European company that saw treasure in trash and decided to take the initiative to collect seabed waste for the manufacturing of recycled textiles. To do this, diving associations are commissioned to recover nets in the Mediterranean that are then sent to Italian factories to be transformed. The nets are washed and ground up to extract the nylon which then gets restored to its initial state through melting and later retransformed into a flexible and durable thread. During its manufacture, ECONYL fabric consumes far less energy than non-recycled nylon, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% by comparison. Recycled with elastane for optimal resistance and elasticity, ECONYL nylon thread can be woven over and over again!


From KRABĒO to you, we want our love for people and the planet to be felt in every one of our creations, every step of the way!

December 01, 2022 — Eva Richard

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