It's good to learn to listen to your body when you feel like there are changes in your skin. Doing the screening yourself is a first step. You are in the best position to know if something is wrong and you should not hesitate to go to the end of your convictions and investigate if necessary.

Even though the doctors are amazing, you know yourself better than anyone.

What to watch out for with the ABCDE method and included spots not just moles:
Asymmetry:Are the two halves of the mole symmetrical if you draw a line right down the center?
Edges:Are the edges uneven, jagged, or scalloped?
Colors:Are there several shades (brown, red, white, blue or black)?
Diameter more than 6 mm. Is the mole the size of a pencil eraser or larger?
Evolution:Has the size, shape, color or height changed? Has a new symptom appeared (such as bleeding, itching or scab formation)?

➡️ For example, when I had my first skin cancer, my mole stung like a mosquito bite. 🦟

➡️ Scabies that do not disappear on your skin, those that you can scratch and that constantly come back over a long period of time and that grow bigger must be seen by a dermatologist.

If cancer is suspected, the doctor will do a biopsy. The choice of treatment is based on the type, size, location and depth of the tumour, as well as age and general health.

If you have any doubts, make an appointment with your dermatologist!

September 30, 2022 — Eva Richard

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